Slurs and Ignorance

Indiana University columnist wrote this and it rang true in my ears. I watched the people on the corner of campus asking for donations for organizations far from IU. While it shows that people care, I also agree with her. People only seem to care about the things that they can’t see. There is a homeless man who sits on the sidewalk on Kirkwood with his dog everyday. He sits there, selling artwork he’s made from people’s scraps. It’s amazing to me that people won’t even give him a single glance, just walking on by. These slurs that people yell at each other are the same way, I just don’t understand why they even do it, why this seems to be okay for them. I pray that it’s just ignorance that drives them to do this because that can be fixed if they’ll listen. I can’t help but see, though, the point Allison makes. People just seem to not even care. They don’t care that it hurts someone else’s feelings or makes them feel unsafe or uncomfortable. In broad daylight, I got cat-called while riding my bike home today. Nobody stopped the group of boys in the car. Instead, I just got off my bike, shaking and near tears as I simply tried to make it home without them realizing where I lived. Why is that an okay world to live in? Why does no one step up to the plate and tell them to knock it off?