I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, seeing the judgement around me. I am a feminist lesbian who sees the wrongs against me and recognizes that it isn’t just me that receives the judgement. I thought that maybe it was just small town mentality, but as I’ve traveled to different cities, different countries, and I’ve seen it everywhere. It’s time for a change. -WE- need to be that change. My generation is the Me Generation, the Now Generation; we want things fast and to benefit us. So let’s use that mentality to our advantage. It will benefit us to change the world for the benefit of someone else. Not only does it make us better, more rounded people, it also makes it so that we understand our world. We understand our differences in beliefs and lifestyles. We make the world a safer place for us, for our friends, for our families, for our future. We can be the change. Together. I will never say that I have walked in other peoples shoes who have experienced racism, classicism, religious discrimination, or anything else that receives hate and judgement. I won’t even say that I know every lesbian’s story or every woman’s story. But I do have a story, as every one of us do, and that story should never be about hate and discrimination. It should be about love, knowledge, friendship, and community.


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