Boston Marathon

No lie, seeing the aftermath of the explosions at the Boston Marathon was awful. I wanted to cry as I saw the effect that people could have. I watched the footage and looked through the gruesome photographs. It was awful, but then this popped up in my internet surfing and it struck me. The original image I had found didn’t even have the tags around it, but I chose to use this one because it expressed perfectly what I had thought exactly. The entirety of the us was up in arms after the bombing. But have we ever considered, just for a moment, that maybe we should realize the wrongs that our military who is ‘protecting our rights’ are doing to the poor children of other countries? That doesn’t come up in our news, but it’s the truth. The protection of us is harming innocent children, too. Just like the bombing. And I’m sure that I’ll get the people who are up in arms about supporting our military, and I do. My brother was a marine. I want our military men and women safe, but I don’t think we should ever think that the children are just a needed casualty of war. They mourn with us. Can we at least mourn with them as well?


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