Rape Culture

Rape Culture

I really like this article, but I also think it needs to be said that fathers, older siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles need to show the same thing. The mother’s are not the only ones responsible for teaching their children. But it’s not just the family that raises a child either, I think our communities need to embrace it. We don’t get all our ideas and beliefs from our family, we get them from friends, significant others, teachers, bosses, coworkers. We all need to do it. We all need to show kindness and compassion. Show that it’s better to care for one another and not point out faults and victim blame. We should quit objectifying women and step back from applauding just the athletic men. Our culture is that of a rape culture. Currently, we actually encourage rape by saying that men should be strong, athletic, independent, and showing authority; the mothers even encourage this in the article. We also accuse the women. How many times have we heard: Oh, she’s wh###, look at what’s she wearing. She’s just a sl&t, she’s part of a sorority and parties all the time. I can’t claim innocence; I’ve said it, too. That’s why we all need to be part of the change. Everybody can contribute something.


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